We are the St. Louis Young Democrats.

We organize young folks — and those who are young at heart — who care about the future of St. Louis, progressive politics, and how we can make an impact. While there are many organizations that help young people get involved in their communities, only the St. Louis Young Democrats connect you to the Democratic Party, political leaders, and actionable paths to political change.

Sound like you? Become a membermake a donation, and check back for more info as we gear up for the 2018 elections and beyond. You can always send us a note at stlyoungdems@gmail.com.

2018 St. Louis Young Democrats Executive Board

  • Officers
    • Shayn Prapaisilp, President
    • Maggie Lalor, Vice President
    • Steve Lenivy, Treasurer
    • Sarah Felts, Secretary
  • Directors:
    • Mychal Voorhees, Director of Membership Engagement
    • Roya Massoudnia, Director of Politics
    • Bret Narayan, Director of Communications
    • Reginald Garth, Director of Outreach

To see what we're up to and learn about upcoming events, connect with the St. Louis Young Democrats on Facebook and Twitter.